Friday, August 29, 2014

Featured autographs - rank and file guys

Chris Colabello - he had a card in 2013 Topps Update Series; had a good start in 2014 but then turned into a pumpkin; I got him to sign a couple of cards someone provided and I kept one.

Danny Farquhar - the guy who has had the most success and has stuck around the big leagues all year long, Topps made a card of him this year and I was able to get two or three signed when the Seattle Mariners played the Angels.

Ed Lucas - Topps made a card of him this year and I was able to get the lone one I had signed when the Miami Marlins played the Angels.

At the end of last these season, I wanted cards of these players - even though as is, they might not really stick in the major leagues.

The last guy I wanted a card for was minor league veteran Doug Bernier - he was up with the Minnesota Twins in 2013 and I got him to sign a ticket stub when he got his first MLB hit.

However, Bernier didn't stick around long enough to have a card out - he has spent the 2014 season in the AAA and even if Topps made a card of him, I don't know if I'd see him or not.

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