Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Assorted vintage / old school pick-ups

I picked up a handful of assorted vg-ex cards and spent about an hour or so trying to create a post late Saturday night - adding pictures and commentary.

I thought I saved it and figured to set up another post - but I guess I wasn't paying attention and [perhaps I had a duplicate tab open for whatever reason] probably cut and paste whatever that was going onto a subsequent post into the one I felt I'd put all my effort into.

I'm not happy, but perhaps losing a post only means there is an opportunity to put together a new one - with the original serving as sort of a rough draft.

Maybe the main point of the original post was I'm looking to build up a little more cardboard diversity in my mini-collections - besides just rounding up cards printed from the last 30 years.

If I was really more organized, I'd have a formal, detailed wantlist so I'd know what to grab - as is, I was mostly looking for cards of players from different nations, particularly Latin America.

1970 Topps Roberto Pena #44 - Dominican Republic
1970 Topps Gill Garrido #48
- Panama
1970 Topps Juan Rios #89
- Puerto Rico
1970 Topps Jerry Morales / Jim Williams #262 - Puerto Rico

1971 Topps Duane Josephson #56 - tools of ignorance
1972 Topps Jim Nettles #131
- bloodlines; brother of Graig

1973 Topps Ed Kirkpatrick #233
- tools of ignorance

1973 Topps Ivan Murrell #409 - Panama

1974 Topps Paul Casanova #272
- Cuba

1974 Topps Steve Mingori #537
- facial hair
1975 Topps Carmen Fanzone #363
- had a second career as a musician; goes into my cult players / cult feats mini-collection.

1976 Topps Pepe Mangual #164
- Puerto Rico
1976 Topps Willie Montanez #181
- Puerto Rico
1976 Topps Luis Melendez #399
- Puerto Rico
1976 Topps Ted Martinez #356
- Dominican Republic

1978 Topps Oscar Zamora #91
- Cuba
1980 Topps Fernando Gonzalez #171
- Puerto Rico

1980 Topps Mark Lee #557
- facial hair
1984 Fleer Roy Lee Jackson #158
- featured on the Dime Boxes blog, I stumbled upon the card while leafing through a loose stack of 1984 Fleer.
1984 Fleer Luis DeLeon #297
- Puerto Rico
1984 Fleer Mario Ramirez #309
- Puerto Rico

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