Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trade post with S.Mack Talk II

Jimmy over at S.Mack Talk wanted several of the 2014 Topps Update parallels I pulled and had agreed to trade me some of his extra Leaf Perfect Game cards of guys currently on the Cal State Fullerton baseball - but since time had passed, he ended up only really needing one of the cards when I finally saw him over at an event where the CSUF players might show up.

On my end, I got one of the extra cards he got signed of outfielder Scott Hurst and two other unsigned cards of pitcher John Gavin and infielder Tristan Hildebrandt - that I was able to get inked up on my own.

I don't really think much of Leaf cards, so it was nice to get a few cards I actually might have wanted - without having to go look for them on my own.

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