Friday, January 27, 2017

Angels all-time autograph collection

It's a thing where I want at least one autograph of players who've played for the Angels - as is, I've been content to collect loose autograph cards / items [TTM/in-person, certified and purchased] while not really putting them together in a tangible way.

Just to get organized, I want to see if I can count out about 200 different autographs in-hand and list them out in a Google Sheets file I created - to straighten things out as far as knowing which players' autographs I already have, what kind of card, how it was picked up, etc.

I'm not a completist when completion may not be realistic, though I wanted to settle on a numerical goal [of 200] - so at the very least there is something I can point to as far as a collection to build on.

I read it somewhere that trading cards are the easiest to find and store in any sort of quantity - so baseball cards are usually what I've gotten for this collection.

I'd like all the autographs on cards / non-card items for this collection to picture subjects as Angels, though that may not always be the case - as a way to make distinction, I've split the physical collection of signed cards between Angels cards and non-Angels cards.

I still need to scrounge around for random autographs I might have - to account for various autographs still out in the wild.

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The Angels In Order said...

Good goal. That Jackson autograph, boldly across his face, is awesome.