Tuesday, January 03, 2017

What I’ve tried to do in 2016 - decade stars

Late in November, I went on a decade stars 'bender' where I sought to put cards of established players away in binders - since it's already been six years into this decade, I originally wanted to showcase cards featuring players who made their MLB debuts in the 2010s.

However, I actually started with several players who made their debuts in 2000s - because I found a forgotten stash of 2000s debut guys' cards already in plastic pages.

I ended up adding loose cards of the players already represented and then used up my remaining plastic sheets to house 5-10 more players’ cards - to showcase some of the basic star cards that have been boxed up.

For my collection, there should be a push to showcase decade stars cards in plastic pages for some sort of ‘long term’ storage in binders since it's fun to see all the cards I've hoarded for any number of players - the ideal breakdown should be as followed:

Pre-war players - a ‘catch all’ of players who made their debut before WWII; this is typically a collection for the retro cards I've found over the past 10 years, featuring the occasional Hall of Fame legends / icons.

I don't really seek these cards out so I probably haven't hoarded enough cards for any one player - to be able to have a stand alone binder for each of the decades [players who made their debuts in the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s and 1940s].

Postwar players - another ‘catch all’ binder of players who made their debut before 1980; maybe separated by 1950s-60s and 1970s.

1980s - strictly players who made their debut before 1990.

1990s - strictly players who made their debut before 2000.

2000s - strictly players who made their debut before 2010.

2010s - strictly players who made their debut before 2020.

Regional - a wrinkle to my decade stars arrangement is having a book for a selected of prominent players from my team.

I want to be proactive in adding selected players, especially if they are the younger, 'future stars,' though it may take awhile for me recognize veteran players who have flown under the radar like a Ben Zobrist - but maybe not all players are going to make it to a binder in my collection, though I'm going to leave them in a box that serves as the other part of a split storage of sorts for various notable players.

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