Thursday, February 08, 2018

1990 and 1991 Upper Deck set pick ups

From an out of town card shop, I grabbed these sets for $5 each to have some stuff to go through when I'm bored - it’s kind of ironic that even though the junk wax era may have been the absolute worst time to be collecting cards, that was when I first really got into it.

These looked to be factory sets, though it looks like they might have been opened at some point where the seal on the boxes may have been loose or just frayed over time- these sets felt like bricks and was considering just taking one or the other since I had to take them back home.

I bought these sets because it's tough accounting for all the junk wax era mini-collection cards and when there is no value in one particular common card - I might as well splurge on picking up complete sets as opposed to looking to buy applicable cards piece by piece.

For my image based mini-collections, the Upper Deck cards are sort of pesky because the cards have two images - I'm not exactly a 'card back connoisseur,' so it maybe tedious to find that some of the more unique images used are actually lurking on the backs.

I busted through the 1991 Upper Deck set first and sorting them out is kind of tedious - at the same time, it's fun going through the cards as an exercise in nostalgia.

I think these cards have held up well as far the design and the photography - even though these may as well be cards obscured by history.

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The Angels In Order said...

The 91 UD set is one of my favorites and great for autographs.