Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Featured autograph - Donnie Moore

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and while a tragic figure, I wanted Moore's autograph for my Angels all-time collection - I settled for a larger sized autograph card [sold by Kruk Cards] since it stood out more than a regular sized card.

The PSA/DNA slabbed autograph will probably be counted as a signed card for my Angels all-time collection - as well for the regional component of my Top 50 common PC.

I was happy to see this was in the mailbox, but the position of the actual card in the slab is quite crooked - it looks upright in the pictures in their listing, but what I received is above.

The slabbed item was shipped in a photo mailer, but it was kind jammed into my mailbox haphazardly - so presumably the card 'moved around' from when it was originally shipped.

As is, I contacted Kruk's Cards and once they finally responded, offered a simple solution that actually worked - "You should be able to knock the card around within the slab by just lightly tapping the slab."


The Angels In Order said...

Nice addition, and one I'm still lacking for my All-Time Angels autograph set.

Fuji said...

Truly tragic story. On a happier note... congratulations on adding this signature to your collection.