Friday, April 27, 2018

Mail day - 2012 Topps Bryce Harper #US-183

I don't think Harper can ever match Mike Trout's run of excellence but Harper is still the player big league fans are waiting on to go HAM for years to come - I had seen this card on the Dime Boxes blog and I wondered if I should look into picking one up.

I was looking for a graded copy and lost an impulsive bid for a BGS 9.5 - for just about the same price as a discounted blaster however, I found another listing after the fact and jumped at it, even though I want to have some peace of mind as far as something slabbed.

From what I've read up on, I would assume Harper’s 2012 Topps Update rookie debut maybe his most popular ‘mainstream’ rookie year card even though it is from a subset - I think the rookie debut subset cards are annoying, but Harper's 2012 Topps Series II card is an SSP that is simply hard to find.

Harper does have 2012 Topps factory set cards [a non SSP version of #661 and a factory set rookie insert card] - but the demand for those cards are relatively soft, presumably since the factory sets are usually printed in abundance and contain the pair [as opposed to being pack pulled issues].

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Fuji said...

Don't think I have a Harper rookie card. I might need to track down one of those factory set rookie cards since they're more affordable than the Updates.