Monday, July 20, 2020

2020 Negro Leagues Legends set

I picked up this 184-card set featuring retired and long deceased players from the Negro Leagues after seeing it on a couple of other card blogs [#1, #2] and maybe on Twitter - a retro themed non MLB card set may not be my cup of tea, but this was one of those purchases to make my collection a little bit more well rounded and in my mind, makes me more of a ‘true collector’ than someone always looking ‘here and now’ purchase.

A narrative maybe about how the card set might be good display in plastic sheets and flip through like a book - an actual book about the Negro Leagues might be cheaper, but I’m still a card collector.

After making an order through the Negro Leagues History Website, I got my cards in about 5 days and to give me something to do for a little bit in the afternoon, I committed to displaying the 184-card set in plastic sheets - I just had enough pages [21] to use and bought a new binder at a Target since I didn't have a spare handy.

I was worried about leaving some empty spots in the last page - but there were a couple of information cards enclosed as well as advertising cards from memorabilia dealers.

Keeping the set sealed might have been an option, but it feels odd not to get a feel of the cards in-hand for the $70 I spent [including s/h] - the cards look fairly nice, with a little high brow feel without really being so.

Out of the box, the condition of the cards were pretty good - though the thin, matte cardboard the cards are printed on might be a little fragile when handled loosely.

Considering the cards I may need for various loose card projects, breaking down this set might have been an option - but I typically like to leave something I bought as a set together rather than funnel cards into 100 different places only to have some leftover cards making up a loose, incomplete set.

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Fuji said...

Very cool set. Thought about picking this set up... but ended up passing due to budget cuts. I might try and track down a few singles though.