Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Will professional baseball be played this month?

Major League teams have started up summer camps and there is a cautious optimism the highest level of professional baseball will be played - I’m ambivalent because on MLB Trade Rumors or on Twitter, it seems like I'm reading daily news about players choosing to opt out of the 60 game schedule, different players getting sick with COVID-19 and needing to self-quarantine while there are instances where the testing is amateur hour at best.

I’ll watch the games if and when they start up but it's a long 3 weeks from now till that mid season Opening Day start - I'm still hoping to see Anthony Rendon mash for the Angels sooner than never along with what the team can do in a shortened, abbreviated season.

Ironically MLB has turned me off over the past 10-15 years because of the very things they have to do now to protect the self-absorbed players - social distancing and keeping them in this bubble where there might not be any sort of 'non-essential' casual access / contact allowed [ok, to get an autograph if nothing else] between players and fans.

To get overly dramatic, it might be one year from now, two years or five and it might not happen at a MLB game - but I just might cry that first time I get my first in-person baseball autograph from a big league player when an opportunity presents itself.


The Angels In Order said...

I'll believe it when I see it.

Fuji said...

Honestly... I'm surprised it's gotten this far. Figured it was gonna be canceled weeks ago.