Friday, November 13, 2020

Some random non-sport additions

I can never get into anything other than baseball, where collecting just doesn't hit right when I'm not seeking out cards picturing dudes who play ball for a living - but going down the COMC rabbit hole leads to different places where I'm tempted to pick up cards I wouldn't normally consider, so there is something else to look at.

For the nostaglia, I grabbed a couple of cards of Jennifer Love Hewitt, who might have been destined to be the 'it' girl of the early 2000s - while the actress is still working in Hollywood, currently cast in a TV show, time flies and perhaps her star is a little bit more low key into her early 40s.

I also picked up a couple of cards of Rosamund Pike, including a 'cool' acetate insert - the British actress' most notable film in the U.S. might be Gone Girl, which I have not seen.

However Pike has been a low-key favorite for playing an up-and-coming, by the books MI6 agent who just happens to betray James Bond in Die Another Day - which is probably a popcorn movie for me.

Finally I grabbed a card of Lauren Cohan, another British actress best known for her portrayal of Maggie Greene in The Walking Dead TV series - I may have wanted this particular card several years ago, but I was only really into the TWD for the first 2 or 3 seasons before realizing it wasn't a series that was going to wrap up quickly with some resolution and/or happy ending.


Chris said...

It took me a looong time to get over the mental hurdle of non-interest in non-sports cards. COMC was definitely a factor there, but in general I simply decided that there was no reason not so spend pocket change (or sometimes a little more) on cards depicting actresses I like.

night owl said...

I say this all the time as a heterosexual male: why we spending so much money on cards of dudes?

Fuji said...

Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of those weird conundrums. I remember her from Party of Five, but I don't ever recall watching that show. I just knew that she was very cute.

The Angels In Order said...

I'd be in the doghouse for sure if I ever did that.