Tuesday, May 25, 2021

1984 Donruss Ryne Sandberg #311

I don't know if it's worth what I paid for it, but I relented to pick up a second year Sandberg card for my 1984 Donruss pseudo set build - where I'm basically trying to see if I can as many cards in-hand, to get inked up at some point.

I got the card in the mail and the first thing that struck me was the irriated toploader used from Chernobyl - I cringed and chuckled at the same time, as I freed the card and tried to take some pictures.
I was relieved that the card itself hadn't yellowed out, like the toploader - if it wasn't such a 'safety hazard,' I would be inclined to keep the top loader as a memento.

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Fuji said...

A. Awesome set. Had I not found a partial set at the flea market years ago, I probably would never had attempted to build it.

B. I can't stand having discolored top loaders laying around... but I came across one like yours (either in a flea market or card show purchase) that I kept for nostalgic reasons. Not exactly sure where it's at... but I know it's sitting in a box somewhere.