Friday, May 21, 2021

TTM autograph received: Ralph Terry

Off this card show trip, I found a 1963 Topps World Series subset card and sent it off to Terry - I got a response within a week with my card signed in blue ballpoint pen for his fee of $20.

When I stumbled upon the card, I don't think my intention to get the card signed as TTM ammo - when I'm going through loose cards that I say, 'oh I can send to that guy or that guy,' I worry about having more money into my a loose, scrap card, when there are fees involved to actually get the card inked up through the mail [besides an actual, paid signing].

However, I got inspired when I saw Terry's fee wasn't as much as I'd first assumed, notably for someone who has a lifetime of experiences at 85 - I put together a request, paid up and eventually got a vintage return to tally in my book, no complaints here.

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