Friday, April 01, 2022

A $10 card show mix of cards - is it good enough?

How do I highlight specific finds where they have some staying power when I feel like there are too many cards - the momentary feelings I conjure up rummaging and flagging certain cards dissolves.

When I want some narrative, maybe there really just isn’t nothing to dwell on after the fact - the idea of listing out bulk pick ups and other random miscellany to put them away makes me feel like ‘meh.’

Angels material - don't know where I'm going to put it, but the Shohei Ohtani holiday ornament caught my eye, so I relented to make it a keeper.

In looking for loose cards to make more pages for a former Angel like Jim Abbott - I'm probably looking for more oddballs, even if it's still more of the mainstream, junk wax era stuff picturing him with my 'home team.'

Mini-collection material - I had to make the 1989 Score Wade Boggs a keeper because it's just a great image where he follows the baseball traveling to the catcher's mitt.

I have been part of what's happening in that Ichiro card, so it's reminder of the times I've been out at a ballpark - I tell myself when I have a parallel, I don't necessarily care whether I have the base version of a particular card, but may have to amend that.

Cal Ripken Jr. is still listed as a Top 10 guy in my book, though I'm more apt to passively [rather than actively] collect any cards I may find - a few of the cards I found have a little shine to them, but my favorite is probably the Ripken trio card with brother Billy and father Cal Sr.

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Jon said...

The blue Ichiro is cool. I don't know if they still do or not, but any blue parallel that featured him as a Mariner used to command a decent premium online.