Friday, April 29, 2022

A card show trip recap - biding my time

I guess I’ll try to get somewhere at a reasonable time for me, even if I never really end up one of the early bird pickers - I usually just can't stake things out to be the first through the doors at a show date, to pounce at some of the 'go-to' tables I'm familiar with.

I was anticipating seeing the dollar boxes of doom table at the monthly show I go to make an appearance at the weekly show, but there are the pros who may have a more familiar relationship with the sellers and basically have a rundown of the boxes - I feel like I’m just some Joe Schmoe, looking to crash the party.

Maybe it’s just weird thing, but what makes these boxes attractive is the relative diversity at times - where the main seller [and not his muse] ends up harvesting thousands of cards from collections, presumably from buying sojourns from at least couple of different states.

I get to the weekly card show and when I finally see the table with the muse on standby, it’s clogged up by all these heads and I don’t know what my expectations are, but this is kind of reality and it sucks to be on the outside looking in - there was no real way to start and worm myself into the mix where I don’t know where these people are in their digs and don’t want to offend anyone by grabbing cards off a box.

Instead of rummaging through the glorious dollar cards with supposedly some easter eggs surprises seeded in, I ended up meandering towards another table as the sharks continued to feast - I hope the neighboring table wasn’t thinking I was giving them the side eye, but I had my eyes past them, dumbfounded by the action happening at the tables I wanted to be at.

The guy whose table I was stuck at seemed pretty nice where he’d move things around to make my browsing experience easier and would say something occasionally - his cheap-o boxes maybe priced at a dollar each, where I can’t freestyle like I do with $.50 or less boxes, even though there might have been cards I would have gone to town with if they were a quarter or less.

I ended up with 23 random cards which I was compelled to pick up because I spent 45 minutes at this guy’s table - the seller flipped through the cards I don’t think he ever would sell and charged me $15, which was tolerable since the per card price didn’t actually end up creeping past the dollar mark or more.

The fugazzi 1994 Topps Alex Rodriguez insert caught my eye - maybe I like to pretend it's the late 1990s and chase ARod's Seattle Mariners cards like he is still the most sought after young superstar in Major League Baseball.
Some mini-collection miscellany including a Steve Young football card picturing him blowing a bubble on the reverse - the 1989 Score subset card commemorating the first night game at Wrigley Field is not a card I'd be looking for at all, but it might the type of 'oddball' card I should be making a keeper.
I grabbed a 1998 Bowman rookie card of Jeremy Giambi because it looks a little 'quaint' and 'old school' now, but also as a reminder of a one-time big leaguer who may have passed way too soon [R.I.P.] - I arranged the card next to one of the Derek Jeter cards I found and everyone knows the story there, though the Jeter also has Jeremy's older brother Jason making a 'lil cameo.

Panini creates and prints too many NBA cards where most products it may appear like junk once it hits the shelves - not knowing any better about collecting other sports, I picked up Larry Bird and a Lebron James where it looks the chrome finish was meant to have a greenish hint, where it looks a little funky than other cards.


The Diamond King said...

Always fun. Cool Strawberry too.

Fuji said...

It was really sad to hear about Giambi. I remember him and his brother playing together in Oakland for a couple of seasons back in the early 2000's. It must have been so cool to be on the same team with him.

Jon said...

So, you never did get to your desired table?

Nick said...

It's definitely disappointing to get shut out of a table that you *know* has good stuff - especially when other people decide to camp out there on hours on end. Hope you got to dig through the dollar boxes later on in the show - but those 50-cent finds are nifty!