Saturday, July 09, 2022

About fan favorites and catch all binders

This is a mock up page I made for Ray Lankford, a guy who might have been hobby relevant for just a 'moment,' 30 years ago, but is largely forgotten in the here and now - I want to say he occupied at least a page in my decade stars collection through the late 1990s and even through the early 2000s before I weeded out his cards from my binders.

I’m picky and I always want demarcation points deciding which prominent players I want to highlight and which guys don’t make the cut - the minor star, semi star types who might have been ‘baseball good,’ but perhaps generated little or no buzz hobby wise might not ever be considered as decade stars guys in my book.

Lankford was part of the MLB fabric of a decade or an era, but more solid than superstar, as his career petered out - there wasn't as big of a sentiment left to keep his card displayed in pages.

Now, I might want a ‘place’ for these players, where I have a re-imagined specialty binder to give certain players a second or third look - it might be fun to get re-acquianted with former players I've ceased to care about or didn't really have that faux nostalgic, emotional attachment to, but I'm looking for ideas to change things up and play with my cards that are otherwise archived in my A-Z commons collection.

Maybe in reality, I can do blog posts for some of these former players obscured by history - where for space considerations, boxes are fine to store these types of players’ cards where I can't get too sentimental.


The Angels In Order said...

I too started a Ray Langford page in the early 90s. It didn't last long.

Jon said...

Multiple bloggers collect him, so he definitely still has a few fans out there.