Sunday, July 24, 2022

I really thought I found something here

Digging through dollar boxes, there might be a ongoing sense of wishcasting something that isn't there, where I'm going to find a card or two that may be worth something more - I don't care enough about NFL cards but finding a 2009 Topps Chrome Matthew Stafford #TC210 might be worth a dollar gamble, so I put in my pile.

Of course after getting the lousy card in-hand, I wanted to look it up to figure out what card it exactly is - I typed in was what I thought the card was, followed by 'reprint' and go figure there was such inserts where I probably didn't have the original rookie in-hand.

I think I waited overnight to dig the card out and confirmed my dollar gamble landed me a nice looking card of the most recent Super Bowl champion quarterback - but only worth what I paid for it.

For what it's worth, it was actually the original Topps rookie card of Stafford [#430] that was reprinted in 2012 Topps chrome - as opposed to the 2009 Topps Chrome version [#TC210], so it would have been obvious clue if I knew better.


Fuji said...

I love collecting cards... especially rookie cards. But a reprint of a rookie card three years after it's been released is silly. C'mon Topps... you can do better.

Jon said...

I'm sure that this happens to the best of them. At least you didn't spend too much on your gamble!