Monday, August 29, 2022

Dealing with my bulk binder material pickups

Through the past year, I've done some damage picking up bulk cards at random card show dates and while it's fun just to rummage - my hauls end up staying in unsorted bricks like this where I haven't funneled the cards into their decade stars boxes and/or towards loose card projects as intended.

Maybe I feel self conscious about hoarding all these loose cards and it might be a case where NOW I'm trying to do something familiar in vain to hold me over - before going through a gap where I won't be able to play with my cards for at least a month.

What I'm doing is trying to update my decade stars boxes so I feel like I'm able to clean things up - even though it's going to be harder to account for everything in one shot and time has just about run out for now.

For my decade stars material, the cards start off in loose boxes, where I know I have some semi-temporary spot to dump cards off - the cards should be displayed in pages as their final destination, rather than sitting in random boxes, but I haven't gone out of my way to pick up a box of 9-pocket sheets.

It might be more work worrying about where loose cards are going, but I've also made a separate semi-temporary spot to store players' cards of at least seven or more - where I have enough to make at least a page [even if I don't have nine cards to make one page outright, I can play around with cards I've stored back to back from previous pages made and fill some loose pockets].

I have a cheat sheet leaderboards where I list the player and the total if they end up being part of the 'seven or more' club - maybe focusing on the players featured on the cheat sheet leaderboards adds an extra element to tallying up loose binder material for my decade stars collection

In the 'ready to be paged' stashes I've made, I'm trying to see where cards for certain players are as I try to update my cheat sheet leaderboards - before seeing if can make the new adds to the bricks, while moving random players' cards around according to the new totals.

I feel like there is more of a sense of accomplishment to be able to be more engaged in funneling cards according to players listed my cheat sheet leaderboards - where I have to pay attention to new additions so I can see how many cards I have for different players.

Maybe something peculiar is the push to add more cards for the guys I already have numbers for - maybe I should be taking a more passive approach where I know I already have enough cards to make one, two or three pages where maybe I should back off, but I just end up picking up more loose cards that I can count as certain players I like more than others.

The numbers in my cheat sheet leaderboards may the only reflect the popular players in my memory banks, so your mileage may vary - it maybe interesting to see if my small sample size totals jibe with who were the 'hot' players of a decade and/or an era, notably from the past 35 years or so.

Numbers game

It feels like the loose binder material that do not quite make up at least seven or more cards in my primary boxes doesn’t resonate with the same importance - until I have seven or more cards and can add a player to my cheat sheet leaderboards, the binder material I have for different players might be deemed as stragglers.

It might be a case where I'm kind of starting over, where I've created a page for a particular player and used up cards from my decade boxes - yet I might not bother adding one or two more new pick ups and/or finds to a page.

Maybe I can just forget overlook guys not on my cheat sheet leaderboards for a little bit and there is no real rush to add to them - though I get some cheap thrills when I see a micro-mini collection of players’ cards adding up into the seven or more category.


Jon said...

Is everything okay? The bit about not being able to play with your cards for a month sounded kind of ominous.

The Lost Collector said...

If you figure out a good thing to do with your bulk, I'm all ears. I have a few boxes I am fulling up now for what will eventually be a Facebook Marketplace dump.

Laurens said...

To Jon - Just taking a break where I will be away from my cards, hopefully it didn't make it seem so dramatic.

To The Lost Collector - I am mostly talking about the cards I do like and use for various player collections and how I do sort them out to make sense.

Go figure, I do have more of the 'true' bulk junk cards I don't know what to do with - I may just leave them in the front yard for someone to pick up or donate to Goodwill.