Sunday, June 25, 2023

Showing off a $5 card show duo

I pulled these and added them to a separate pile from my last post - I do not know much about either card, but the Barry Bonds insert was too loud to put back and the vintage minor league card pictures a Veterans Committee Hall of Famer.


The Angels In Order said...

"Too loud to put back" indeed!

Fuji said...

That Bonds is sweet! Back in 1995 I was mainly opening packs of hockey... but I pulled a few of the hockey versions and they're just as cool.

Jon said...

I would have to think that they've gone up in recent years, but five bucks was about the going rate for Remar commons before the boom, so I think you got a really good deal on yours. I really like that set, but it's not one that you see on the blogs very often.