Sunday, August 20, 2023

Showing off some dollar bin gettings

The monthly card show I usually attend has not had an 'event' in a few months and their latest show date was at a venue further than I normally venture to - go figure, I had a reason to be in within five miles of the area and was able to be at this card show for several hours.

I ended up really digging for my usual value box and/or bulk quality cards - I'm semi-pro compared to the big time wheeler and dealer speculator types, but going through cards that are accessible and can make keepers out of gives me some satisfaction reguardless.

These were my notable hauls from a dollar bin I rummaged through - I think I was able to round up 25 cards and get five of them for free.
I didn't really know much about Topps' MLB / Garbage Pail Kids mashup, though I remember briefly seeing preview images last year - I like baseball cards to picture real life ballplayers and not caricatures or parody images that tend to be off-color, but these cards were too odd to pass up, where stupid ends up being cool.
Maybe it wasn't my intention but I wanted to grab the loose 2023 Topps All Aces inserts I could find [sans a Gerrit Cole I left behind] - I probably want the Shohei Ohtani but have to settle for these guys, plus Sonny Gray [not pictured].

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Jon said...

Those Aces have got to be the most popular insert set with the bloggers this year. I feel like I've seen them on just about every blog now.