Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Some random Ted Williams pick ups

Maybe retro cards of legends end up being like junk wax era cards for me, where they are stlll everywhere and kind of redundant - however I'll still make many of them keepers just, because I like to think of myself as being able to appreciate the all-time greats, rather just than the 'here and now' guys.

Scrolling through some social media sales, I ended up picking up a couple of retro Ted Williams cards - the Project 2020 cards are $2-$4 paperweights in their magnetic one-touch holders after being originally $20 a pop from the Topps.com Web Site back through the pandemic.

I wouldn't go out of my way to seek these cards because they are the Beanie Babies of the pandemic - but may end up being nice enough finds at the right price.

For a $1 and change, I'll make a keeper out of a 2022 Topps Stadium Club Williams refractor - it maybe anachronistic, where a card from 2022 just isn't like an old-school vintage Topps card that would cost so much more, but it is fun seeing an unconventional image of an all-time great 'pop' in a modern card.

To amuse myself, I snuck in a different Ted Williams' card for $0.15 as part of my first [in four years] and only order I've received so far [out of three or four made] from a Web site - at times, I'm looking for the dumbest reasons to make miscellaneous cards keepers and a card of a guy sharing the same name as an all-time great maybe just what I'm looking for.

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Jon said...

It's amazing how quickly a lot of Topps' online cards drop in price. It's great for the folks who waited and are buying them now, but what a terrible purchase/investment it was for those who had to have them fresh off the presses.