Monday, October 01, 2007

Featured Mail Day

2007 SP Rookie Edition Ryan Braun auto #153 [$40.00 BIN plus $6 s/h off Ebay] - first it was Hunter Pence burning through the National League, then it was Braun showing some prodigious hitting skills and through the last week or so, it has been the Colorado Rockies' Troy Tulowitzki getting the pub from a lot of the mainstream baseball media.

1.) I was nervous about getting the card since I sent payment for it on 9/24/07
- instead of immdiately after I hit the BIN on 9/15. It came rather promptly in my opinion however.

2.) It is a personal collection card I guess
- I like the 'old school' design and was looking to get a key autograph insert from the product. I'd rather pay $46 for a single than $55 for an unopened box of SP Rookie Edition, where I only have a chance of pulling a Braun, Pence, Tim Lincecum, et al.

3.) The question is - will this be my worst purchase since I picked up a 2000 SPX Winning Materials Troy Glaus for about the same price in 2000? His true rookie cards from 2005 are more valuable and while his 2005 Bowman Draft Chrome autograph has skyrocketed in value, I didn't get into the bandwagon then. I could have at least picked up his 2005 Sterling autograph, since it was initially cheaper. I also remember a local promoter doing a signing with this Braun and leftovers of signed 8x10s of Braun [pictured in his Miami Hurricanes gear] for about $4-$5.

Hopefully Braun can avoid the sophomore slump and even if he doesn't win the National League Rookie of the Year, can build upon the numbers he has posted this past season.

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