Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Featured Rock-Stars [Matt Holliday and Seth Smith]

So after many years of being a pretender and essentially being a non-factor in the National League West - the 2007 Colorado Rockies forced themselves into the playoffs and found themselves sweeping through the division and championship series to reach the World Series.

I can't say I'm a fan or a guy hopping on the bandwagon, but their run was something to watch as far as different players contributing [Kazuo Matsui, probably most of the team at different points in the last two months] and a guy being hyped up [Troy Tulowitzki] as the guy who has arrived to be the next 'superstar' shortstop in baseball.

1.) 2005 Topps Allen and Ginter Matt Holliday mini card - he probably should be the MVP of the regular season, considering he played like a captain all-season long [sorry Todd Helton] and is now the face of the franchise. He took the NLCS MVP trophy home and 2007 is about a World Series win from the best run Holliday will probably have in his professional playing career [as an individual player and as part of a team]. I have a handful of Holliday cards, including two cheap 1999 Topps Stadium Club rookie cards and maybe a couple of through the mail autographs. I scanned the A&G mini just because it was one of those oddball sized cards 'sticking out.'

2.) 2003 Upper Deck National Pride Seth Smith jersey card and 2004 Bowman Draft Seth Smith rookie card
- I pulled a jersey card of some guy named 'Seth Smith' from a 2003 Upper Deck pack that was packaged with four other packs in a blister at Toys R' Us [sale for $2.99]. I didn't really know what to do with the card or knew much about the player. Fast forward to 'actober' and Smith was another one of these Rockies players who came through [not in the clutch, because 'clutch' apparently is an outdated term] at the right moment, when his 2-run bloop double was the key hit in the Rockies' National League pennant clinching 6-4 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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