Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007 Bowman Draft scouting report

I am desensitized to this product because prospecting has gotten to be something entirely foreign - which players do you jump on and do you pick up their cards now?

Maybe its in the middle of December, almost Christmas and baseball is just not where the focus is at - still, even if spring training is just a few months away, the reality is most of the players in this set will be scattered through the minor leagues this upcoming season and you may key in on a handful of guys 'you like,' but everyone wants the sure thing. Can you be patient about waiting for a player to develop in the minor leagues?

Bowman Draft isn't typically expensive and there are probably a handful of true future stars in this product - as long as the brand has key drafted players like David Price, Matt LaPorta, Mike Moustakas, Matt Dominguez, Jason Heyward and other 'names,' people will be chasing their guys, doesn't matter if the cards are slapped as official MLBPA logo rookie cards.

On the other hand picking up random packs, a random blaster and a random box only gets you so much - you need the young prospect cards but it just isn't about getting his first base Bowman card. The key lies in first-year autographed [if available] and base Chrome [particularly its subsequent parallels]. However are you really willing to spend so much on these particular cards?

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