Sunday, December 16, 2007

Featured Pickup

1979 Topps Nolan Ryan PSA graded '8' [$10.00 at a card show] - how much is a PSA graded Ryan card from 1979 worth to my personal collection? Its not a spectacular pick up, but Ryan is an Angels' icon. While I would have preferred a Ryan card several years older, I think the fact this was graded made it appealing as well as finding it among other 'so-so' cards. The front looks good, though the back is a little off-center.

It is another piece for an Angels' graded card run I'm trying to complete featuring one PSA graded Topps card from 1961-1980 - I don't know if I'd seriously consider the card if I wasn't doing this Angels' run I made up. So far I've got a 1972 Topps Mickey Rivers PSA graded '7,' a 1974 Topps Frank Robinson PSA graded '8,' this latest card and a 1980 Topps Ryan PSA graded '8.'

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