Sunday, December 23, 2007

2007 Upper Deck Black Scouting Report

I've seen the cards on Ebay and for the most part, cards seem pretty ugly - is there a single from this product, I'd like to have? Maybe not in baseball, but perhaps one of the new 'Kobe Bryant' full signature autograph cards [as seen on a Upper Deck private signing 'photo op' session on] in what appears to be in the basketball release of this product is something I hope to pick up eventually.

AS for baseball, can anyone not affiliated with Upper Deck's marketing department justify picking up a box for over $200, featuring two one-card packs or even one pack - I don't like the sticker autographs, especially when it comes from supposed super premium product.

I'll 'spare' the rising stars like Cole Hamels, Billy Butler, Justin Verlander from my rant [wrath] - but 'F' the Homer Bailey, Dan Uggla, Adam/Andy LaRoche, Andre Ethier, Melvin Mora, Chad Cordero, Jason Bay, Kelly Johnson, Aaron Harang and the rest of the 'C-list, D-list' baseball stars littering this product's checklists.

The Game Day Box Score cards don't do anything for me since the athletes' image seems obscured by the vague graphics - the box score is supposed to showcase a performance highlight, just doesn't do it for me as the dominant graphic on a card.

~I like it how the particular athletes sign a silver sticker with what looks like a silver Sharpie.~

Any cards with just an autograph and/or with a combination of 'plain' swatch pieces are ugly - though they look better if the cards feature a patch piece or two.

The premium bat barrel autograph cards are pretty sharp - which I assume are made from stock, non game used bat.

The Pride of a Nation autograph cards are pretty sharp - with the manufactured flag logos.

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