Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Spring training trip preview: Cleveland Indians

The Indians are back in Arizona and hopefully there will be ample access to get autographs - I need to knock out many cards from all the teams, but the key is rubbing all my cards down [the glossy ones], so when the cards are signed, they come out clean. There is no time other than now, to make sure the surface of my cards are otherwise ready-to-get signed.

One person/player's autograph to get [a priority] - Grady Sizemore of course.
One person/player's autograph I'd like to get [a name to look for] - Carl Pavano; haven't seen him at all and I still need an 'old' 2001 Fleer Tradition set card signed.
Player featured [I'd like to get his autograph too] - Carlos Santana

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