Friday, February 06, 2009

Spring training trip preview: Kansas City Royals

An update here and there is haphazardly made to try to keep up with the transactions while keeping track of cards I still need or already have for spring training - I'm worried a friend is picking up cards left and right [of different players, multiple quantities], leaving me behind.

Perhaps I've got to focus on a little 'game planning,' so I get stuff signed - it means making do with what I have [I think I have enough] and realize it isn't a battle and there are really different priorities as far as what I need to get autographed.

One person/player's autograph to get [a priority] - Alex Gordon
One person/player's autograph I'd like to get [a name to look for] -Zack Greinke
Player featured [I'd like to get his autograph too] - David DeJesus

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