Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Spring training trip preview: Milwaukee Brewers

You can get a number of players, personnel, special assistant to the GM [former players], minor league coaches, et al during spring training - I can't worry about who I don't have cards/other items for with the number of cards/possibly other items I'm bringing during the trip. I've always believed in being concise and bringing everything for everyone, but you cannot anticipate everything.

One person/player's autograph to get [a priority] - Prince Fielder
One person/player's autograph I'd like to get [a name to look for] - Trot Nixon; haven't seen him at all and I still need an 'old' 8x10 and a 2004 Topps Cracker Jack set card signed.
Player featured [I'd like to get his autograph too] - Ryan Braun; maybe down to signing cards without personalizations?

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Canucklehead said...

Man I'd love to go watch the Brewers at spring training! Go Brew Crew woooooo!