Sunday, January 10, 2010

2009 Bowman Draft two-pack $2.99 Target breaks

Pack one
BDP 50 Kyle Blanks
BDP 44 Diory Hernandez
BDPP 6 Christopher Lovett - Chrome
BDP 43 Brent Leach - Chrome
BDPP 11 Brooks Pounders
BDPP 5 Josh Hodges
BDPP 45 Mycal Jones - Gold parallel

Pack two
BDP 54 Josh Reddick
BDP 33 Tim Wood
BDP 3 Trevor Bell - Chrome
BDP 45 Wilkin Castillo - Chrome; apparently this a blue retail exclusive refractor.

The blue refractor is nice, though I doubt is going to be a hard to find parallel and the card I pulled doesn't feature a hotshot rookie or an up-and-coming non-autograph prospect - I like the colors on shiny chrome parallels, though I honestly never consciously collected them, whether it was from Topps Chrome or Bowman products. I think they scratch too easily and are too condition sensitive.

BDPP 29 James Jones
BDPP 21 Kent Matthes
BDPP 72 Brian Moran - Gold parallel / does this card compare to this? Bum-face!

I found nothing too exciting in the packs, though I was pleasantly surprised, even for only two lousy packs - I didn't find one WBC card, since those cards are not what Bowman Draft product is supposed to be about.  

I was  kind of looking for a random Brent Leach card to get signed in-person or through the mail - I like the Trevor Bell too, since it is another card I can attempt to get autographed in-person or through the mail, even though his rookie cards came out in 2005.

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