Sunday, January 03, 2010

First collecting topics cards added in 2010

1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan # 40 - pitchers hitting

2005 Topps Cracker Jack Roger Clemens #70 - pitchers hitting

2003 Fleer Patchworks Jeff Bagwell #74 - bonus baby / cameo by Barry Bonds

By the end of 2009, I hope to have picked up 500 new collecting topics cards featuring various characteristics - I'm looking for cards with personality because there is nothing like finding a 'fun card' with a unique image or characteristic that is not going to cost much more than a nickel or a dime.

A.) Bonus babies – cards featuring star players who make cameos on mostly common players' cards.

B.) Inking it up – cards featuring players signing autographs.

C.) Unique shots/awesome action – baseball, basketball, football, hockey. Can be posed.

D.) Awesome outfield action – cards featuring players leaping, diving, jumping to grab the ball. Can be posed.

E.) Tools of ignorance – cards featuring catchers, maybe the hardest working players on the field.

F.) Facial hair – cards featuring players who are wearing beards, goatees, porn-mustaches, et al. 

G.) High-toppers – cards featuring players players sporting high-top socks.

H.) Grips – cards capturing pitchers' grips during their delivery. 

I.) Unique backs – cards detailing something a fun fact or a feat. 

J.) Two-sport stars – cards of professional athletes who've been known to have played in other sports. 

K.) Cult baseball players/unique feats – cards of baseball players who were considered quirky, a good quote, a little kooky, looney, attracted a unique fanbase, some notoriety or have actually done something unique on the field.

L.) Hats-off – cards featuring players without their hats on.

M.) Players smiling – cards featuring players smiling or hamming it up for the camera.

N.) Pitchers hitting – cards featuring pitchers hitting, running the bases or wearing batting helmets, about to step up to the plate.

O.) Retro uniforms – cards featuring players wearing turn back the clock jerseys/uniforms.

P.) Broken bat shots – cards featuring hitters breaking their bats. 

Q.) Beyond the glory – cards featuring players who have battled addictions, battled career threatening injuries, mental problems, et al.

R.) Uncorrected errors – virtually worthless, but still unique to have a card with a name mispelled or a card with the wrong player pictured, et al. 

S.) Steroid Era / PEDS – cards of players who were busted, suspected, reported, outed, et al. 

Collecting topics that can go on forever – 

A.) Bloodlines [actual and loosely related] – cards featuring players who are related to another player as a cousin, father-son, stepson, wife, odd bloodlines [a player is related to someone in another sport or non-sport endeavor], et al.

B.) Local players [Orange County, California] – cards featuring players local to the county, high school or college. 

C.) Nations – sorted by country

D.) Infamous – all sorts of professional athletes who have been known [or not known] to have done something notable in their careers.

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chipper said...

You can get up close to 700 baseball cards of players in retro uniforms. This would be including the Phillies, and Brewers retro alternates. Closer to 600 if you don't count those.

I'm currently collecting as many of these as I can. Email me if you want some more info: chipperatl10 "at"