Saturday, January 02, 2010

The beat goes on - blog thoughts and goals for 2010 and beyond

As time goes on and my collecting habits evolve or even revert - I'd like to evaluate my collecting efforts and think about what I want to do with my hobby as short and long term goals.

I'm more of an autograph collector, trying to get stuff signed, than someone interested in strictly collecting baseball cards - however, there is still a strong infatuation with baseball cards, so I like to have a blog to discuss them.

I find I lose interest in completing some of the baseball card related goals I've listed for last year
- so there isn't much incentive to talk about certain things.

However, I realize I'm sort of a 'lifer' and for better or for worse - I'm collecting baseball cards for the long haul.

I like to read about other's experiences in the hobby in order to get a chance to see
- what everyone else is doing and what everyone else is interested in collecting.

I hope I can share some insight to my collecting endeavors
- while figuring out, there is room to collect cards, there is room to have my thoughts heard.

Blog goals for 2010 and beyond

A.) Have at least one sentence almost immediately what my particular post is all about - I need to step away from the keyboard, if I feel I cannot explain the meaning of my post in one or two precise sentences.

B.) Don't be too wordy, too preachy, etc - I need to say things with less words and not act like I always have the answers.

C.) Pick my spots to 'feature' a player, card, autograph, et al
- so a set of posts doesn't end up reading the same way, only with different pictures and slightly different words.

D.) Stay current - either about collecting baseball cards, collecting autographs, talking about the subjects featured on autographs or subjects who are signing the autographs.

E.) I had a blog high of 157 for the year of 2009 - match at least that and have at least seven months of double-digit posts.

F.) Don't blather on about something too esoteric - though only I can dictate what I can or cannot post, even if I don't end up having '158 perfect posts' by the end of 2010.

G.) A blog is a place to challenge preconceived notions, misguided ideals, misguided folks and every other issue related to the hobby - however, I don't plan to do a lot of that.

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