Thursday, March 31, 2011

Featured autograph - Joel Pineiro

After getting Jered Weaver's autograph at Angels FanFest, I decided to jump in one last line when I saw it was Joel Pineiro signing - there was security guard holding up a sign that there would be no guaranteed autographs beyond a certain point; the security guy moved with the line so at any time they can stop the signing or whatever.

I was able to reach the table where Pineiro was signing and got him to sign a 2010 Topps Allen and Ginter - he isn't an impossible autograph to get by any means, but another guy who maybe trickier to worry about getting during the regular season.

Relief pitcher Kevin Jepsen was signing with Pineiro and I got a card signed for my friend - it looks like Jepsen busted out a full signature instead of just the 'quick' autograph he typically signs, so I probably should have a card for myself to get signed.

That was pretty much it for autographs at the Angels FanFest - various fans got various things signed and they got to walk up to weary Angels players looking to finally start 2011 regular season.

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