Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured autographs - Maicer Izturis and Howard Kendrick

My friend and I ended up at the Rich Thompson / Matt Palmer line at the Angels FanFest - I think all I had for Palmer was a 2010 Topps Target retro, which I guess I should get signed sooner than later, even though he is generally a good signer.

My friend and I were almost close to reaching the table with Thompson and Palmer before the players switched off - the new signers were Maicer Izturis and Howard Kendrick, which was actually a good thing since getting those guys can be tricky to get during the season.

Hopefully Izturis stays relatively healthy for the entire year while Kendrick sort of builds upon what he has done in the Major Leagues so far - he has shown the ability to be a good Major League player, but I think he can get a little better.

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