Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Brandon Wood - an Angel never has been

It was bittersweet to read about the Angels designating Brandon Wood for assignment - particularly after a trio of young Angels [Mark Trumbo, Peter Bourjos and Hank Conger] had combined for nine hits in a 15-4 win against the Texas Rangers on Tuesday.

There are guys like Albert Pujols who seem to hit from their first day in the Major Leagues and there are guys who struggle before enjoying any sort of success - as much potential Wood showed through his minor league career, it is puzzling why it had taken him so long to do anything with the Angels.

Maybe he should have taken the slow and steady route, like Trumbo - who isn't that much younger than Wood.

It might have taken awhile for Trumbo to get to the Major Leagues - but the Angels nearly buried the guy until he was 24 and maybe it was the right thing to do.

Wood on the other hand, was the top prospect whom the Angels probably couldn't wait to push through the minors - because of his once tangible power potential.

As I look through my handful of random Wood cards and lament his failure as a Major Leaguer - it looks like without establishing himself in Anaheim, the book on his Angels' career is a waiver claim away from being closed for good.

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