Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Topps Million Card Giveaway - the Card Buzz collection #1

1969 Topps Joe Horlen #328

Like everyone seems to have been blogging about lately, the Topps Million cards have finally been making its way to collector's hands - I got my shipment of eight cards in on Monday and my first reaction was I paid about $7 to have these cards shipped to me?

Assuming everything costs much more these days, I may understand the fact it only cost exactly $1.73 to ship these cards to me - the cards were sleeved and put into top loaders; an invoice was enclosed listing the cards I had delivered.

However, flipping through the eight cards I received, I was a bit underwhelmed since these cards ended up being the ones your mom threw away, left in someone's attic, otherwise discarded, et al - there were layering, creases, rounded corners, stains and probably other defects.

I suppose all the imperfections makes the cards more 'authentic,' but kind of wonder if Topps could have taken an extra step in making sure the cards met a certain condition - instead of random, junky condition fillers to fulfill the requests from the Million Card Giveaway.

Collectors may not have liked it but I think a Topps Million Card Giveaway 'buyback' stamp of sorts would have been nice addition to the cards requested to be shipped - like how the various Topps Heritage vintage buyback cards are stamped to signify their status as such.

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