Tuesday, May 03, 2011

2011 Topps Value Box three box recap - six packs of 2011 Topps Heritage Hobby

These six packs of 2011 Topps Heritage were from a 2011 Topps Value Box - I ended up picking up three boxes for $14.99 each at Target.

I think these new retail configurations Topps has come up over the last year or so has evolved and is doing wonders
- as far as appealing to a collectors making impulsive purchases at a big box store.

In my mind, $50 is more than I want to spend at one time on cards at Target - but people have been busting a lot of these boxes on the Freedom Card Board and Blowout Cards forums because of the resale value of the two Diamond Giveaway code cards as well as potential hits on the two 2011 Topps Heritage hobby packs.

In each value box, the two 2011 Topps Heritage hobby packs maybe worth $5 each and the Diamond Giveaway code cards maybe worth $3 each - the five 2011 Topps retail packs included maybe worth $2 each, the bonus card [either a Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson or Babe Ruth] maybe worth $2 and the booklet enclosed with a gallery of Topps cards from the last 60 years / 2011 schedules for all 30 MLB teams maybe worth $1.

So for $50 of my actual hard earned cash - I'll take my chances on the unopened packs, but as far as guestimated value of the contents as they are packaged, I'm getting $28 worth of cards per each box.

Maybe Topps should work on something like this for baseball card shoppes that still exist - offer an attractive box of cards to entice collectors who want to purchase more than just loose packs, but don't exactly want to spend $75, $100, $125 on a full hobby box purchase.

Pack one - first box
#203 Kevin Millwood
#419 Wandy Rodriguez
#127 Dallas Braden / Trevor Cahill - Pride of the A's
#411 Michael Young
#335 Austin Jackson
C83 Justin Morneau / Joe Mauer - Twin Terrors Chrome refractor serial #'s 418/562
#18 Albert Pujols / Ryan Braun - Managers' Dream
#312 Roy Halladay - Doc Shows His Perfect Form
#64 Nick Markakis

Pack two
#351 Justin Morneau / Joe Mauer Twin Terrors
#130 Omar Infante
#307 Jair Jurrjens
#29 Terry Collins
#40 Pablo Sandoval

#486 Martin Prado - SP
#137 Babe and Mr. Huggins

#239 Brandon Beachy

#182 Cody Ross

Pack three - second box
#363 Nick Hundley
#252 James McDonald

#CCR-10 Ike Davis - Clubhouse Collection relic
#383 Daniel Hudson
#75 Chris Tillman
#338 Brett Gardner
#1 Josh Hamilton
#247 Jonathan Lucroy

Pack four
#45 Evan Longoria
#315 C.C. Sabathia - Sabathia Tosses a Curve
#367 Dan Uggla

#39 Erick Aybar
#129 Carlos Quentin
#311 Derek Jeter - Jeter Makes the Double Play
#106 Yadier Molina
#406 Tyler Colvin
#158 Atlanta Braves - Team Card

Pack five - third box
#197 Casey Blake
#389 Ryan Doumit
#123 Aaron Hill
#70 Justin Morneau

#NAP-6 Ubaldo Jimenez - New Age Performers insert
#58 2010 National League Wins Leaders
#336 John Lackey
#153 Marco Scutaro
#128 Joel Pineiro
#4 of 6 Checklist

Pack six
#362 Greg Halman
#319 Tim Lincecum - Lincecum Shows His Stuff
#214 Chris Sale
#401 Matt Kemp / Andre Ethier - Dodgers Dandies

#433 Kyle Davies - SP
#88 Joe Girardi
#353 Neil Walker
#242 Manny Acta
#96 Jered Weaver

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RJ said...

That's a great looking Davis pull. I'm not sure how many people couldn't say right now "I like Ike"