Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Featured autograph - Doug Drabek

My friend and I went to a California League game this past Sunday [Visalia Rawhide at Inland Empire] and got former MLB pitcher and current Visalia Rawhide pitching coach Doug Drabek's autograph - he won a Cy Young in 1990 when the Pittsburgh Pirates were actually pretty good for a stretch in the early 90s.

Doug is also the father of current Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Kyle Drabek - he has always been a good signer through the mail and in-person, though personalized everything sent through his mailing address.

The one card I wasn't sure about getting signed Sunday afternoon was a 1995 Topps Embossed - the card has an embossed, foil effect and I wasn't sure if the card was going to take the Sharpie well.

I don't particularly like the card but I think it stands out and did present somewhat of a challenge to possibly be autographed - fortunately as one of several cards Doug signed for me, it came out just fine and my needless worries about getting a 16-year old card worth about a nickel was unfounded.

I took a picture of Doug signing on the concourse when he finally came out of the clubhouse after the game - the coaches from Visalia must have taken an hour or so after the game to kick back after a 17-2 whipping of Inland Empire.

FYI - on Monday, they only scored one run in a 7-1 defeat against the same team.

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