Thursday, May 05, 2011

More Topps Diamond - 1979 Topps Dennis Martinez and 1978 Topps Rollie Fingers

I relented to enter the rest of the Topps Diamond Giveaway code cards I got from my 2011 Topps Value Box breaks - a 1979 Topps Dennis Martinez is a common, but I do remember him superficially as an older veteran who had reinvented himself as the ace of the Montreal Expos pitching staff from the late 1980s through the early 1990s.

1978 Topps Rollie Fingers - the first thing to notice is probably Fingers' trademark handlebar mustache and the second thing is the San Diego Padres' mustard-and-brown uniform / caps of the 1970s were really gaudy.

Even though Fingers is a Hall of Famer unlike Martinez - I'm probably looking to getsome sort of package deal of cards for this one or maybe one unique card i.e. a pre-1973 Topps common card of some vintage. I've seen my share of Fingers cards [mostly retro or late career] over the years and have gotten his autograph on various cards / items through the mid 2000s.

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