Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Bowman Platinum Value Pack recap #1

2011 Bowman Platinum Value Pack [$8.98 x2 purchased at Walmart] - four cards in a pack/three packs and a bonus pack of three Platinum Purple refractors in a 'rack.'

I like Bowman Platinum because it is a MLB licensed trading card product with prospect cards - like what I said last year, it gives me some options besides the typical Bowman / Bowman Chrome / Bowman Draft offerings from Topps.

Compared to last year's Bowman Platinum - the 2011 version seems so much nicer looking in hand.

Bowman Platinum might not ever be confused for a super premium product like Bowman Sterling, but the Bowman Platinum cards stand out on their own - with a shiny and have a refractor finish, this year's cards almost reminds me of 2002 Topps Gold Label cards, except the design is a little cleaner.

Value pack one - I'll have the recap from my second 'rack' in another post.

Pack one - the cards are facing from the back.
#64 Hunter Pence
#75 Josh Hamilton
#BPP 81 Cesar Puello
Filler card
#95 Kyle Drabek

Pack two
#47 Cory Luebke
#91 Troy Tulowitzki
- green foil?
#BPP 32 Dustin Ackley
Filler card

#56 Jered Weaver

Pack three
#37 Josh Johnson

#9 Derek Jeter - red foil?
#BPP 41 Delino Deshields [Jr.]
Filler card
#30 Felix Hernandez

Purple refractor pack - these cards had a dusty white substance all over them; maybe Topps wanted these to help out autograph collectors and degloss these cards.

#BPP 78 Brad Holt

#BPP 23 Josh Zeid
#BPP 86 Tim Beckham


Play at the Plate said...

I think the green is "emerald" (1:10 packs) and the red is "ruby" (1:20 packs)

Laurens said...