Tuesday, August 09, 2016

2016 Topps Chrome value pack recap

I used one of those lousy $0.50 off inserts to pick this up, so I could go through some new cards - as much as I like new cards, maybe I've set myself up in an awkward spot where I'm not really enthused about making impulse buys of loose packs or blasters at big box stores or even card shops.

I'd rather take the time to put together quarter box stash of loose cards or pick up a cheap single card or two - though at times the urge to bust something new is too hard to resist.

Pink refractor pack 
#22 Brian McCann - meh
#71 Carlos Ruiz - meh
#142 Cole Hamels - meh

Pack one
#58 Joc Pederson - meh
#4 J.D. Martinez - Prism refractor
#166 Kyle Schwarber - meh
#71 Carlos Ruiz - meh

Pack two
#172 Kyle Seager - meh
#PC-18 Corey Seager - Perspectives insert; the first time I’ve pulled a pair of brothers back-to-back in a pack.
#200 Bryce Harper - refractor variation parallel; I guess this is a card to put in a penny sleeve and place in a dingy box, to add to my mini-collection of players signing autographs.
#147 Johnny Cueto - meh

Pack three
#192 Felix Hernandez - meh
#73 Noah Syndergaard - refractor
#76 Nick Markakis - meh
#111 Marcus Stroman - meh

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