Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Early Topps Chrome / Finest cards

I have a few of these early Topps Chrome / Finest cards and there is some sort of Philadelphia Experiment effect going on as these cards were exposed to conditions over time - maybe the Van Poppel card is something trippy to look at, but it's kind of a bummer how condition sensitive these type of early chrome / Finest cards turned out being.

I don't know if any particular baseball products held their value, so no one really talks about them [so it would seem] - but the discoloration issue maybe more prominent for basketball card collectors.

Various message board links:

finest cards turn green

Greening affect [sic] on Chrome Cards. Experts Wanted!

So how much of a value decrease do topps chrome refractors with "GREENING" have?

Topps Chrome, Finest, bowman Chrome...turned to garbage

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