Saturday, August 20, 2016

Some miscellaneous Angels finds

I picked up a small lot of Angels cards for about $3 - primarily for the 2016 Topps Stadium Club cards of Mike Trout [#280], Albert Pujols [#152], Nolan Ryan [#80], C.J. Wilson [#93], Huston Street [#2] and Garrett Richards [#80].

There was also 2016 Topps Allen and Ginter cards of Pujols [#211] and Street [#193] included - I'll probably see if I can pick up a regular set [1-350] at some point though haven't touched any loose packs or blasters.

Old Man Pujols is inking it up after a spring training workout - his numbers have dipped and while he nearly 100 RBIs on the year, the last time someone cared about that stat [which Fangraphs would say is more of a result of the players getting on-base infront of you than any particular skill attributed to a batter] was 20 years ago.

This is more of a traditional baseball image - though it shows Ryan in his mid 1970s Angels prime.

Wilson is goofing off for the photographer and I guess I appreciate the silliness - though I don't know what Wilson is doing and the image seems a little too orchestrated and unnatural.

After hearing an apparent change, I wanted to see what the card stock was like for this year's Allen and Ginter set - this year's cards are thicker and sturdier, but the card stock used before seemed a little more fancy, a little more classy.

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The Angels In Order said...

Thats the Nolan Ryan I remember. Beautiful card.