Tuesday, March 13, 2018

1988 Fleer Dennis Rodman #43

I was searching for a few Rodman videos on YouTube and was inspired to pick up his rookie card - which is probably realistically valued, but I would have thought would be worth $50 instead of $10 or whatever.

Rodman is just an old depraved man now who likes to get DUIs while taking vacations in North Korea - but back in the mid 1990s, Rodman made collecting rebounds his thing on the court.

He also showed up at his book signings in drag, had an outsized personality with a made for TV movie about his life, was an ‘it’ guy to sign autographs at card shows - everyone kind of wanted a piece of him and he ate it all up at one point.

Baseball became my sport to watch and to collect, but when it came to looking over to other spectator sports - maybe an obvious thing was to gravitate to the personalities, the pros who made the news away from the court.

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Fuji said...

Great card. I still own my original copy that I pulled from a pack back in the late 80's.