Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Two adds for the bloodlines collection

I made a cameo at my LCS to raid the quarter boxes for any newer cards to flip through like 2018 Donruss baseball but no dice on that - so I ended up rummaging around for some loose cards as well as picking up packs of penny sleeves and a cardboard box.

1975 Topps Rookie Pitchers #615 - feat. Pat Darcy, Dennis Leonard, Tom Underwood and Hank Webb; this card will count as a bloodlines collection add with Webb being the father of big leaguer Ryan, but Underwood [R.I.P.] was also the brother of former MLB pitcher Pat and the father of one time Dodgers minor leaguer J.D. Underwood...this card could be a beyond the glory card for Darcy, who served up Carlton Fisk’s home run in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series.

Leonard had the most success out of the four guys on this card but after being a front line starter for the Kansas City Royals - a knee injury derailed the latter part of his career; I’d put him in the beyond the glory mini-collection, though I know I have a card of his somewhere, so this card wouldn't be a 2018 add for him.

2017 Panini Score football Kiko Alonso #6 - this is where I feel my mini-collections can get really esoteric at times.

I had a Bowman Draft card of one-time pro baseball player Carlos Alonso and I looked him up just to see if he was still playing - Carlos washed out after parts of 7 minor league seasons, but I saw he had a brother [Kiko] who plays in the NFL.

It wasn't a priority - but when I stumbled upon a random base card of Kiko, I had to pick it up so I had a card for each brother.

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Fuji said...

Leonard had some pretty solid seasons back in the late 70's. I remember him and Larry Gura were quite the tag team back in the day.