Saturday, December 28, 2019

Some finds off a card show appearance #2

So I went to this random card show earlier in the month and besides what I'd picked up, I stumbled upon a table with a bin of loose junk packs for $0.50 - I tried to look for some premium UV coated era baseball packs from the mid 1990s, though any particular one might be brick city, so I had to think twice.

The same booth had a bin of repacks sorted by team - maybe 25 or 30 cards for a quarter.

The guy manning the booth probably thought I was nuts going through his junk cards, trying to look at the top / bottom cards like I was picking fruit - he said I could go and open them up, which seemed odd but I got the sense that he didn't really care.

I didn't bother doing that since I didn't have time, feeling like I was in either my element or just a hoarder - trying to make a stack out all these bagged up cards, setting aside the ones I'm planning to grab.

I didn’t particularly care which teams I got, though interesting, if worthless cards were a lure - the guy at the table wasn't saying much otherwise but said go ahead and make a mess, since cards were supposed to be fun.

Maybe he thought I was a straight up lunatic who was seeing trading cards for the first time - I spent $5 on 20 assorted 'packs' and while the seller didn't have a spare bag handy to hold my hauls, he ended up handing me a bag of more cards just to hold what I'd bought.

Just because I'm probably going to 'show off' the contents of my team repack breaks - one post at a time until I get through them all.

Chicago Cubs - 40 cards 1998 Fleer Tradition Update Gary Gaetti #U54 1992 Topps Jerome Walton #543 1993 Topps Jessie Hollins #487 1988 Donruss Andre Dawson #9 - players smiling 1993 Donruss Mike Morgan #394 - grips 1996 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice Frank Castillo #494 1992 Upper Deck Rey Sanchez #562 1993 Topps Mark Grace #630 1993 Donruss Shawon Dunston #268 - dirt 1993 Topps Stadium Club Jim Bullinger #118 1993 Fleer Ultra Frank Castillo #16 - grips 1993 Topps Butch Hobson / Jim Lefebvre #502 1993 Topps Aaron Taylor #786 - he’s the Cub among the quad of one-time prospects pictured. 1994 Topps Kevin Orie #762 1994 Topps Randy Myers #575 - Topps sampler run 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack Mark Grace #17

1998 Fleer Update Kerry Wood U5
- Season Highlights insert 1993 Fleer Ultra Dwight Smith #23 - players smiling on the reverse image 1989 Fleer Mike Harkey #427 1993 Topps Derek Wallace #459

1989 Donruss Mark Grace #255
- players smiling 1993 Fleer Dwight Smith #384 1992 Donruss Rick Sutcliffe #642 - facial hair 1993 Upper Deck Shawon Dunston #101 - dirt 1992 Upper Deck Hector Villanueva #102 - angles 1996 Fleer Todd Zeile #333 1993 Fleer Doug Dascenzo #376 - dirt 1993 Upper Deck Sammy Sosa #819 1998 Skybox Dugout Access Henry Rodriguez #8 - facial hair 1993 Fleer Shawn Boskie #373 1993 Topps Gold Jose Vizcaino #237 1991 Fleer Bill Long #425 1991 Topps Dave Smith #110T 1992 Donruss Chico Walker #439 - dirt 1993 Fleer Dwight Smith #384 1992 Topps Mike Harkey #98 1993 Fleer Ultra Willie Wilson #324 1996 Pacific Mark Grace #31 1989 Donruss Manny Trillo #608

1994 Topps Chuck McElroy #613
- inking it up on the reverse image

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