Friday, August 07, 2020

Topps Project 2020 Mike Trout #187

I’ve got to keep up with my Trout run of Project 2020 cards [minus two cards so far], though since the hype around the Topps Project 2020 cards have been sucked out - I’ve tended to make myself wait before committing to an eventual purchase featuring Trout.

Through the early part of the abbreviated MLB season, the new father and birthday boy is still a consistently great player with a great all-around approach - I guess it feels good to buy a little piece of someone who is legit, particularly after a big home run night against the Seattle Mariners the other night.

Father time always wins but watching Trout evolve from a 'kid' to a full grown man and bonafide big leaguer, it should be fun watching him entering his 30s [starting in 2021] - to see if his great all-around approach remains where he has a fighting chance to fend off a decline phase and might actually get a little better.


Fuji said...

Just curious... which is the last Project 2020 Trout card you've actually received from Topps? I'm writing a post on Monday about waiting on the two cards I've purchased and was just wondering how long I'll have to wait to receive them.

Laurens said...

It might be card #85 by Jacob Rochester and I might be waiting on 4 or 5 other cards where who knows when Topps is going to ship them - realistically you might expect to wait at least three months.

No one is happy about the turnaround from when you order the cards to when you actually receive them.

Topps put up some disclaimer about getting the cards out.