Saturday, September 26, 2020

TTM autograph received: Balor Moore

The one-time Angel and first ever draft pick of the Montreal Expos signed my card in about four weeks - as it goes I have to face the idea I'm in a perpetual catch-up mode as far as trying to collect an autograph from as many different Angels players in team history.

I’m worried about not being able to reach all the one-time Angels I can, because there is always someone who’ve I’ve never gotten before, much less heard about - if it's a vintage / old-school guy I have no card (s) for, I worry about picking up unsigned cards up online on a whim, having to wait for the cards to arrive and then try to send them off.

Due to circumstances, there maybe harder to get and/or simply ‘impossible’ players’ autographs I need - but an option would be to purchase as many of the rank-and-file guys’ autographs either on cards or possibly on cuts like index cards just so I can add to what I already have outright.

On the other hand, I want to send TTM requests to the one-time guys that are still living and can sign - relying on purchases may not be as natural for me and in the quest to build up numbers, I may actually get ‘faked out’ more often than not.

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