Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Award winners

Award winners [National and American League]
NL Cy Young - CC Sabathia; Brandon Webb probably deserves much consideration, with Tim Lincecum probably having a better overall season in the National League.

On the other hand, Sabathia handed the Milwaukee Brewers their first playoff trip since 1982 - could a banged-up Ben Sheets, Dave Bush, Manny Parra done the same without Sabathia?

AL Cy Young - Francisco Rodriguez; give Cliff Lee the Pitcher of the Year Award, but K-Rod had a historical season for a closer. Say what you want about short-relievers, but ask the Mets if someone like K-Rod would have saved their season.

Lee will probably win - both the American League Cy Young and the Pitcher of the Year Award, but K-Rod had a historical season himself.

NL Most Valuable Player - Ryan Howard; he came through when the Philadelphia Phillies needed him the most. Not Pat Burrell, not Jimmy Rollins, not even Chase Utley had as much impact as Howard did in leading his team to their second National League East Crown. Talk about strikeouts all you want and his low batting average, but last I checked he didn't hold the single-season record for strikeouts by a hitter.

AL Most Valuable Player - Josh Hamilton; Dustin Pedroia maybe the people's choice and maybe Hamilton isn't all he is cracked up to be.

As we know his story and journey he took - he fought through slumps and the ups-and-downs of a Major League Baseball season to have an impressive season.

NL Rookie of the Year - Geovany Soto

AL Rookie of the Year - Alexei Ramirez; the White Sox' wunderking had the same impact Evan Longoria has had in Tampa Bay, though Ramirez started off slow and while his plate discipline leaves much to be desired, he is a hacker in the Vladimir Guerrero and/or Alfonso Soriano 'can hit it any time out' mold.

NL Manager of the Year - Jerry Manuel; the Mets choked for the second year in a row but they were a sinking ship when Willie Randolph got fired. It wasn't his fault his bullpen imploded. It seemed like he had a calming influence with just enough 'gansta' in him to bring some levity into the clubhouse which had its series of implosions.

AL Manager of the Year - Joe Maddon; maybe the Tampa Bay Rays really had enough talent to leap frog a team like the Toronto Blue Jays or even the once-playoff guaranteed New York Yankees for second or third place, but Maddon won the American League East.

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