Thursday, September 11, 2008

Player reflections: Adrian Beltre

Adrian Beltre making a cameo as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, on a 2001 Fleer Ultra Fernando Vina card.

I'm wondering if Seattle third baseman Adrian Beltre has either been bust or a sore disappointment - his 2004 season [.334 average, 48 home runs, 121 RBIs] was an anomaly which gives some credence to the term 'contract year' in professional sports.

He's not a superstar or even an all-star performer, but as a compiler - his body of work hasn't been as bad.

There are still some games to play in the 2008 season but by the time he is 30 - he will have at least 1578 hits, 242 home runs, 859 RBIs.

Beltre is more of a lunchpail-type player whom I can identify with because even though he's been consistently unspectacular - he does plays everyday.

He is a superstar on defense but a guy who tends to be streaky at the plate - you see him going through ups-and-downs but you can still pencil him in for 20-25 home runs, 80-90s RBIs and a batting average he seems to be constantly battling to keep up around the .270 mark.

Still, after signing a five-year, $64 million contract with the now decayed Seattle Mariners team expected to right itself in the past few years - his numbers lack the impact.

However, by the time he signs his second big contract, he may become a better player - in his 30s than his 20s.

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